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Holistic Apologist Articles

Articles exemplifying Jon Thompson’s independent research.

Against Limited Atonement

  1. Limited Atonement’s Exegetical Gratuity (Coming Soon)

Against Metaphysical Presuppositionalism

  1. Apologetics105 Podcast Interview: Reformed Epistemology vs Presuppositional Apologetics 
  2. Against Metaphysical Presuppositionalism: Circularity (In Progress)

Apologetics & The Church

1. How Can I Combat Apologetic Apathy Within The Church?


1. Is Unbelief Culpable? (Coming Soon)

Comprehensional Questions About God

1. Who Created God?

2. Why is God’s Nature The Way That It Is? (Coming Soon)


  1. What Is Holistic Apologetics? (Coming Soon)


1. on Molinism

The Relationship Between Philosophy and Other Disciplines

1. What Are Some Of The Problems With “Philosophy-Free” Theology?

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